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Reserve Your Pasture Raised Thanksgiving Turkey

Take a trip back in time and discover old world flavor with a Pasture & Woodland Raised Thanksgiving Turkey from Good Life Farms.

These birds are raised on certified organic pasture and woodlands to mimic a wild turkey's natural instincts of foraging for bugs and grasses, and fed certified organic non-GMO feed.

We raise turkeys in a “beyond organic” manner, meaning we go above and beyond the organic standards - the biggest difference being the ability to live outside like animals are supposed to. This results in a tender, juicy and flavorful turkey. Our turkeys consume grasses, weeds, flowers and bugs, something most store bought turkeys simply aren’t able to. We think you'll find it is far beyond the quality of grocery store birds.

These turkeys will receive no antibiotics, steroids or medications of any kind. Fresh air, grass, sunlight, organic non-GMO feed and free range pasture is all they need.

Our turkeys spend their first few weeks inside a temperature-controlled brooder, until they’re big and strong enough to experience weather changes.

After week 3, the birds move out to pasture inside of portable open-air shelters until 7 weeks old.

At this point, they have feathers and are large enough to stay inside our electric fencing. From this point on, the turkeys truly free range — for roughly the second half of their lifetimes — from week 8 to 16.

Your choice in turkey is about more than taste. Be proud to share with your guests that compared to conventionally-raised poultry meat, pasture-raised poultry meat has:

2.3X more omega-3 fats

90% lower omega-6: omega-3 ratio

1.9X higher poly unsaturated: saturated fats ratio

6% higher protein

15% more collagen

Source: Food Animal Concerns Trust

Reserve a Thanksgiving Turkey Here

More about Good Life Farms:

At Good Life Farms, our animals live a good life, so you can too. In short, we work hard to ensure our animals live a healthy, stress-free life that results in a better dining experience and hopefully, an improved quality of life for you. We want you to know your farmers and know how your food was raised. Currently, we offer tours by appointment.

Founded in 2020, our family (Mike, Leslie, and children Olivia and Niko) has raised Thanksgiving Turkeys on pasture and woodland for three years. We started in Lake Villa, Illinois, a suburb to Chicago. In June, we moved to East Troy, Wisconsin to live on a real regenerative farm property and grow our operation. In addition to turkey, we’ve raised chicken and pigs on pasture, and we’re currently working toward adding 100% Grass Finished Beef.

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