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Our Turkeys Make Earth a Better Place

Hey everyone! We hope you’re enjoying the crisp fall air this weekend. As you might know, we’ve experimented with free ranging turkeys in a woodland area of our rental property.

I couldn’t believe how much garbage I found in about 1600 sq feet of space! The turkeys did a great job of eating the plant life and stomping down the dead stuff to cover the soil. This allowed me to see all the garbage stuck in the grass.

Farming in the suburbs has positives and negatives. Whether this garbage was thrown out, fell out of trucks, or blown away in a storm, it’s a huge problem for our Earth. I’m sure all the fields around here are full of it. But I wouldn’t have seen most of this in the tall grass if we didn’t decide to let these turkeys free range and clear out the vegetation.

Raising the best turkey possible and cleaning up Earth in the process … How can you not love that? The benefits of local, regenerative farming are endless.

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